Zoom Traveler Testimonials

Nothing says it better than our travelers


I just wanted to thank you both and let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed the holiday in Rio for Carnaval and Paraty.  Totally AWESOME!!!!  Your trip was extremely well organized and thought out.  The attention to detail and the needs of your guests always seemed to be your top priority.  During the entire trip there was not a care in the world and I was able to relax knowing that everything had been taken care of.  Having you both a part of the trip seemed like traveling with old friends.   I have been wanting to take one of your trips for years and will definitely be a repeat traveler in the future.  Anxiously looking forward the next opportunity.

Mark Ferguson, Houston

I just wanted to say thanks for planning our trip to Quebec City for the Travel Channel. It rocked, we had such a blast, and the castle was AMAZING! The people are so cool too!

Thanks again!

Alicia, Chicago

With Zoom Events, I found a wonderful group of like minded friends, in whom I established new and wonderful friendships.  At first, I was a bit timid about going on vacation by myself, not knowing anyone.  However, this feeling was dispelled the moment I entered the airport to leave and was warmly greeted by Zoom Events and introduced to my new traveling companions.  Needless to say, the follow days were filled with enjoyment and relaxation, as well as adventure.

The most wonderful part of traveling with Zoom Events was the beauty and the simplicity.  That is to say, the activities were planned out and exciting, from visiting historic parts of ancient cities in Peru, to the climbing to the top of Machu Picchu, to the elegance of the dinner arrangements and the wonderful Accommodations. Our vacation included horse back riding, tours of ancient ruins, an authentic Incan priest and rituals, as well as exciting white water rafting.  Truly a vacation for any and all.

Sometimes you go on vacation looking to get away, and you come back having found yourself . Without question I will travel again AND AGAIN with Zoom Events.

Paul, Chicago

The best part of a Zoom vacation is the comfort of traveling with friends.  Although there is sufficient history, culture and cuisine education it’s delivered in a refreshing Jack Kerouac familiarity opposed to a rigid dictation of factoids.  When traveling with Joel and Bryan there is a sense of exploring with locals who are eager to reveal the best in culinary delights, thrill seeking, ultimate relaxation and feasts for the eyes – of both the garcon and vista variety!  

Charlie David, LA

We wanted to go to Brazil for New Years, and chance smiled. We really liked the mix of freedom, side trips “à la carte”, and quality of the product. And of course the fun is a winning factor It’s really nice to be part of a group where communication is easy and natural, and meeting people from all over the world is fascinating.

John, France

All I can say about my experience with Zoom and Rio is that my friends and family are sick and tired of my stories of how wonderful everything was.  You can hear it, read it or even see pictures/video, but it will never even come close to living it...thank you for an incredible memory!

Mark, LA

Dear Zoom Events

When I booked the trip through Zoom, I was a bit concerned, as it was very different than the typical go to your travel agent and get shiny brochures and leave with a printout and tickets.  But everything worked so great, and your communication was excellent that I soon forgot my concerns. The trip was awesome to say the least! 

Chuck and Molly, Oregon

Before the trip even began, I was truly amazed by the thoroughness of the itinerary. When we arrived in Spain, I was constantly blown away by the attention to every detail. I have never traveled like this before, and now I'm hooked. It was certainly one of the best trips I have ever taken.

Jesse, LA

It has been two months since our trip to Thailand and My husband and I are still talking about our trip. We truly felt like royalty throughout our trip. You really outdid yourselves, and we are ready for our next Zoom vacation!

Ofelia, Puerto Rico

Man, did we have fun on your fantastic trip to Africa.  You did a great job planning it, THANKS!

Richard, Atlanta

Besides the amazing array of activities on my trip, the best thing about my vacation was the friendships I made. I also gained two new clients for Mark Ramsay Company. Thank you for everything! I can't wait for my next Zoom vacation!

Mark, New York City

When I asked Bryan and Joel to help plan my 40th birthday celebration almost a year ago, little did I know that my most spectacular imaginings of the event could not even come close to the extraordinary week that I and twenty of my friends experienced in Costa Rica.  Not only were the Accommodations and events carefully selected to appeal to the group's tastes and desires, the details were so thoughtful and personal, that my guests and I felt warmed and embraced throughout the entire trip. It was a once in a lifetime event, with memories that I will forever cherish.  Without sounding cliche, the trip was magical thanks to the efforts of Bryan and Joel.  Thanks, guys, for creating that magic.
Keith, New York City/Dallas

Dear Bryan and Joel, 
Thanks you so much for a wonderful trip and an amazing New Years Eve! I have to say that this trip surpassed every expectation I had, which is why I felt compelled to write you and let you know.  
As a  busy real estate agent I do not have time to plan vacations.  Because my focus is on my clients I do not have time to have to worry about the details of my personal travels, especially when going to a foreign country.  Having someone else handle everything ensured that I would have a much better trip than had I done this on my own. I really loved everything about it. I loved that it was organized and I loved the actual activities and events that you created.  People I met in Rio were literally jealous when I told them about everything that we were doing, like the over-the-top beach party and champagne sunset cocktail party on top of Sugarloaf Mountain .  The helicopter tour during that party was an unbelievable, fabulous touch.  Honestly, I can’t imagine a better trip to Rio.

In a world where so many companies over-promise and under-deliver, it is refreshing to find one that greatly over-delivers. Thank you so much for all the extra work you put in to make this vacation special for all of us.

Chad, Chicago